Water Aid

Water is humanities basic need. Many of us turn the taps on whenever we want. Have a drink whenever we want, but there’s people out there  who simply cannot. Water affects everything. health , poverty, children. Without water survival isn’t possible. Farmers can no longer tend to their crops. There are many unfortunate people including children drinking dirty and diseases water that has caused  many deaths in the developing world. Livestock and animals become extinct. Food shortages break out and poverty becomes rife. 

As per the UN, about 1.2 billion individuals, almost a fifth of the total population live in regions where water is rare and that figure is set to increase by another 500 million during the following decade. With the help of your donation Hayat will be able to provide water projects leading to better physical,  mental well being and also lead to improved sanitation. The prophet (PBUH) said “the best charity is to provide water” with the help of your donations and and support we’re building wells in nations around the globe, giving safe water to drink, wash, clean, to develop crops and to hydrate creatures. This can prompt more beneficial lives, an opportunity to have access to clean water.Together, we will reach millions of people with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene, enabling entire communities to have every facility they need. Every donation will save countless lives and as it mentions in the Quran “Saving One Life Is As If Saving Whole Of Humanity ” (Surah al-maidah 5. Ayah 32) what are you waiting for? Why not give even a small amount that will make the biggest difference in someone’s life. Hayat will promise to make a difference with your help of your support to build wells in countries around the world that will provide safe water to drink, wash, clean, to grow crops and to hydrate animals.this will also help  a better chance to go to school or work and a route out of poverty for good. Help make a change.