Hayat Foundation established last Ramadan breaking fast project in the camps for fasting Rohingya Muslims inside Arakan State and Bangladesh borders. This was stated by Director of the Foundation Abdul Ariz bin Mirdah, who said that the number of beneficiaries at the end of Ramadan reached 158,000 people, including men, women and children in 52 camps. Bin Mirdah said In an interview to the Arakan News Agency, saying: In light of narrowing surrounding and living conditions of the Rohingya but “Hayat ” has succeeded in proving food .” For their part, the beneficiaries expressed joy and great pleasure at camps, drowned in poverty, disease and hunger rampant in Rohingya neighbourhoods Inside Arakan and refugee camps in Bangladesh. In another context Bin Mirdah reported that the Foundation also contributed to the distribution of 443 clothing for men, women and children in order to bring happiness to them and to revive the holiday cheer in their homes as well as the distribution of Zakat al.Fitr to the poor and needy of more than 40 rice bag and to ease their suffering and filling their needs for the night before Bid. A reminder that “Haver has distributed more than 2000 Holy Quran in mosques and Islamic schools In the neighbourhoods and remote villages.