Build a School

Just a human life comes into existence, all surrounding factors come into play for effecting life. Just as the child grows up life lessons play an important part to shape up life. Yet the formal education stands critical for all. Just like food and shelter are basic human rights, education is also the basic right for every child. Schools, therefore, serve as the instructions for providing an encouraging atmosphere that can foster a developed and civilized next generation.


Education is the pillar for the betterment and progress of the society. On a larger scale education has the potential to make this planet a better place to love. We cater to this basic need of human civilization. We are aimed at providing education on a larger scale, especially to the underprivileged. We collect donations so that remote and isolated parts of the world can also enjoy access to education. This step has the potential to cut off poverty from the roots.
Due to the devastating effects of poverty, conflict, and natural disasters, there are countless young people in the developing world who simply do not have the means to go to school and learn.